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Someone built an actual Noah's ark because Americans

"Probably don't." This is what we would say to the Christian Creationist Ken Ham if only he had run his plans to build a 510 ft, £77 million replica of Noah's ark by us first.

"Leave it, Ken," we'd say pleadingly, as he explains that he wants to build the ark in order to prove that the bible is a factually accurate source. "Let's play Fifa instead."

But Ken didn't run it by us. Ken didn't even get his left brain cells to run it by his right brain cells. Ken heard that tiny little voice in the back of your head which says, "I wonder what would happen if I stick this raisin up my nose?", and he listened to it. And then - AND THEN - the American government gave him tax incentives to build it. 

In case you were wondering what a Christian Creationist who builds a 510 ft, £77 million replica of Noah's ark looks like, by the way, then yes. Yes, your first guess was correct. 

Ken Ham

The attraction is called Ark Encounter and Ham says it now proves that the Noah's ark story is true.




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