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Science has finally found a cure to garlic breath


Garlic improves everything. From the hearty roast to the delicious pasta dish, a lil spruce of garlic can make all the difference. You could even improve a dish that was entirely just garlic by adding more garlic. You’re salivating write now thinking about garlic. You just tried to lick the word ‘garlic’ when you saw it in bold just then, didn’t you? You utter garlic fiend.

Trouble is, your breath stinks something godawful now. You can’t talk to anyone, heck you shouldn’t even be standing near anyone. And you can forget about kissing, you vile odour pervert.

So what to do? You must choose between a life without garlic, or a life without breathing? Neither are much life at all. Fortunately, science has come to your rescue.

REX Features

Instead of spending time on frivolous scientific matters such as cures to diseases and ways to combat the global warming that will surely kill us all, Ohio State University set about trying to find an antidote to your foul smelling mouth.

They found that eating raw apple or lettuce will decrease the “concentration of volatiles in breath” by 50 per cent compared to just necking a glass of water. The found that chowing down on some mint leaves can be even more effective, claiming "mint leaves had a higher deodorization level compared to raw apple and raw lettuce for all volatile compounds measured".

So next time you gorge yourself one of those garlic-based meals you’ve become so furiously addicted to in the company of others, simply pull out a load of raw lettuce and mint, and scoff it down you. You definitely won’t look weird at all and will also definitely get kissed. 

And that is a ShortList promise.



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