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This guy has retired with what is hands down the greatest send-off letter of all time

elderly middle finger old OAP

We’re not exactly sure what it’s like to retire.

We've always wondered though: what would it be like on the last day of work ever? The immense freedom and lack of responsibilities you’d have on that Friday would be insane - with nobody to impress in the future and no prospective employers to be wary of.

It was almost too much for this chap, who's just finished working at 3M. To mark his final day, he fired off an email to his co-workers (and some of his least esteemed colleagues) ahead of leaving for good.

“As many of you know, this is my last day at 3M after a long and, illustrious distinguished awesome ground breaking, um, a really long career. I can honestly say that I always did my best to push back the foreskin of technology.

I don’t want to lose contact with most of you but I put a few a-holes on the list, also. I thought that would make life interesting. If you think you’re one of them – you probably are.

Feel free to pass this info on to anyone who wants to send me money. I wish you good luck in running in to me in the future. I’ll be dead soon enough since I’m so old.


The letter, which was shared to Reddit and has gone as viral as you can imagine, provoked some serious praise in the comments.

If we go out with even one drop of this guy's courage, we can ride the retirement wave with plenty of satisfaction.  



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