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Just 13 reptiles that look like Michael Gove


Michael Gove. Is he really a human?

He appears to be unable to clap like a human. He is unable to drink like a human. And, given his Machiavellian behaviour in the wake of the Referendum result, he’s almost certainly cold blooded.

No, it’s clear to us that Michael Gove does not belong amongst us homo sapiens.

And, if any more evidence were needed that Michael Gove were, in fact, a reptile, then look no further than our 11 examples below.

Komodo Dragon Gove

Komodo Dragon / Michael Gove

Crocodile Gove

Crocodile / Michael Gove

Chameleon Gove

Chameleon / Michael Gove

Iguana Gove

Iguana / Michael Gove

Blacktail Rattlesnake Gove

Blacktail Rattlesnake / Michael Gove

Frill necked lizard Gove

Frill Necked Lizard / Michael Gove

Skink Gove

Blue tongued skink / Michael Gove

Bush viper Gove

Bush viper / Michael Gove

Blue headed agama lizard Gove

Blue headed agama lizard / Michael Gove

Komodo dragon Gove

Komodo dragon / Michael Gove

Alligator Gove

Alligator / Michael Gove

Tortoise Gove

Tortoise / Michael Gove

Trump Gove

Donald Trump / Michael Gove


Gove Fish

Unknown Fish / Michael Gove


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