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Good news: Regularly attending gigs will make you happier

Ice Cold Gig 2015_Finland-120 - USE ONE.jpg

Has the Monday to Friday grind got you feeling down? Bummed out about Brexit/house prices/all that adult stuff that smacks you in the face the minute you step out the door?

Do yourself a favour and stand in a sweaty venue filled with live music. Researchers from Victoria’s Deakin University have discovered that those who habitually seek out live music experiences report having a sense of wellbeing.

Researchers from the university's school of pyschology interviewed 1,000 Australians (literally calling them up out of the blue, by the sound of the paper, and asking them questions about music n stuff).

The findings indicated that those who engaged with music "by dancing or attending musical events" were a happier bunch of people - happier still if they engaged in music "in the company of others". 

Interestingly, those who "listened to music, sang, played an instrument or created/composed music" didn't appear to have any greater sense of wellbeing out of their love of music - it was those who got involved with dancing and gigs that were reaping the good vibes. Sing with other people though, and it appears to give you a better buzz. 

So, book yourself on that weekend festival you'd been mulling over, find a new band, follow them around the country and feel generally better about things. It's science. 

[Via: Sage]



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