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News Anchor's Terrible Start to Job


We've all been there. First day at a new job, bit nervous, hoping it will all go well. Just don't make any mistakes, right?

Unfortunately for this poor local news anchor in North Dakota, he made a first impression which Ron Burgundy would have been proud of.

Forgetting Rule 101 of live broadcasting - always assume any microphone near you is live - he made a truly memorable start to his broadcasting career by delivering both an S- and F-bomb. As such the footage is NSFW.

As if that wasn't enough, he then stared at the table for a good ten seconds before realising the cameras were rolling, then seemed unable to read an autocue. Perfect.

Poor A.J. has now been suspended by the station. He might have to do that first day at a new job again pretty soon - it surely won't go any worse.

Image: YouTube



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