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Old man rakes in free drinks in Magaluf by convincing everyone he's Morgan Freeman


Question: If you had a celebrity lookalike, and that celebrity was one of the most adored actors in the world – perhaps of all time – would you or would you not use that to milk free drinks on nights out?

If your answer was no, well, you are a lying scumbag, because everyone would. Not only do you get a free drink, you get a good story to tell.

Looking like a celebrity would be great to a certain point, I reckon. You want to look enough like them that you can occasionally get the odd pro-gratis Jägerbomb and pose for a funny photo once in a while, but not so much like them that everyone thinks you literally are that celebrity – otherwise you’d get constantly hounded. You’d have to deal with all the crap bits of being famous, but without all the money, the power and the actual fame.

Uncle Norman here has got it nailed.


Morgan Freeman or Uncle Norman?

Norm looks quite a lot like Morgan Freeman – the hair, the beard and the smile all check out – but when you look at this photo, you can still tell that this man is not Morgan Freeman, he is a man named Norman who runs a Caribbean restaurant in Luton.

But Norman was on a stag do in Magaluf this weekend, and he thought, you know what, if a bunch of drunk Brits abroad want to make my holiday a little cheaper, it’d be rude of me to stop them.

His nephew Louis was on the stag with him, and tweeted out a series of pics, all of punters who were convinced they were getting a snap with God himself.

The best one is obviously the one where the club itself has beamed Freeman’s face up onto their advertising board, claiming he is inside and telling party-goers to buy him a drink, but I also love the idea of actual Morgan Freeman walking down the Magaluf strip wearing a neon paint-splashed ‘Mallorca’ vest.


Nephew Louis, 19, told The Metro: “I think he sees [the resemblance] a little bit which is mad, I think he looks like the actor quite a bit. He thinks the attention is funny because it happens a lot abroad so he just goes with the flow.

“I think he lets them figure it out themselves when he talks and he sounds English and not American.

“He is a fan of [Morgan Freeman] and would love to meet him one day.”

If you love slightly crap celebrity lookalikes then there’s a whole bunch to be found online. Here’s another Morgan Freeman, this time cleaning up at a hen party:


This is apparently Peter Dinklage:


But the most common one? Of course it’s Ed Sheeran:


For once, it pays to be ginger.



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