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John Prescott (yes, John Prescott) just absolutely destroyed Kanye on Twitter

john prescott

In case you weren’t aware, Kanye West recently visited an IKEA. This was easy to find out because, like most things he does, he tweeted about it. Other than breathing, which he hasn’t tweeted about – yet.

We have no idea what Kanye was doing in IKEA, but it's easy to picture him deliberately walking the wrong way round the warehouse just to piss everyone off. The tweet itself was typically Kanye. IKEA is full of inspiration apparently, and he’s probably naming his next album BRATTBY after that massive plush snake they sell.

In typical fashion, he got hundreds of responses, none much more exciting than “Dad” to garner a couple of hundred easy retweets. 

Until, lord love him, John Prescott waded in, with what could be the pun of the week.

Our hat is off to you John. We’re not entirely sure what you’re doing these days, but if you’ve ever considered a full time career in Kayne-put downs, we’ve got your back.

[Image: REX]



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