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JK Rowling just tricked Piers Morgan into exposing himself on Twitter


In case you hadn’t noticed by now, JK Rowling and Piers Morgan really don’t get on. At all.

On Friday night, the pair began exchanging insults on social media after Rowling called Morgan out for supporting Donald Trump. She shared video of comedian Jim Jeffries telling Morgan to eff of on live TV while flipping him the bird, admitting that it was as satisfying to watch as she’d always imagined.


Morgan hit back with a low blow, claiming that he had never read a single Harry Potter book to which the author replied that if he had, he’d know “the downside of sucking up to the biggest bully in school is getting burned alive.”

And now, in what appears to be the knockout blow to their online spat, Rowling has exposed the Good Morning Britain presenter as a liar. 

She trolled the ultimate troll in a Twitter trap set up magically. On Valentine’s Day, she tweeted the following asking to find the author of sang her praises:

Within moments, Piers Morgan – despite not being tagged in the tweet – spotted her remarks, and felt compelled to comment:

Unfortunately for Morgan, however, he had fallen right into Rowling’s trap. Because, somewhat awkwardly, he was the author of the complimentary article.


It wasn’t long before Morgan found himself the butt of almost every single joke on Twitter, with Harry Potter fans tuning in from far and wide to poke fun at his discomfort.

Attempting to reclaim his dignity, Morgan decided to respond to the online mockery.

“Relax, quarter-wit, I knew what it was. Just surprised I put her as high as 97th,” he tweeted.

A Malfoy tail between his legs response, if ever we’d heard one. But there was an unexpected victim of the feud – Piers Morgan’s son, who happens to have a Harry Potter tattoo...

But our favourite response has to be the guy who has started tweeting Morgan the first Harry Potter book, 140 characters at at time:

So far he’s over 400 quotations of around 32,567.


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