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Incredible Volcano Footage Will Make You Respect Nature For The Beast She Is


Humans think they're so very powerful. Master of their environment and dominion over the earth and all that. But then you see a volcano exploding and it quickly dawns as to who the real boss is.

This incredible footage documents the eruption of Mount Aso, found on the Japanese island of Kyushu and one of the world's largest active volcanos, which happened without warning early today.

Luckily, there were few people in the area, which is a popular hiking spot - just a handful of people in a car park near the peak, who were all safely evacuated. There is now a mile and a quarter exclusion zone around Mount Aso, which lies on the Pacific 'ring of fire', which contains over 100 volcanoes.

At present there's been little disruption - just a few flights diverted from the nearby city of Kumamoto - and it's not known yet if there was volcanic flow from the mountain. Given the eruption of Mount Ontake in central Japan last year, which killed 57 people, authorities will be relieved 

Check out the sped-up footage below and remember who's in charge on our little planet.



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