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Incredible Video Of Lunatic Racing A Longboard Down A Hill At 70mph


“Wait, there’s no brake on this thing?” - is likely the thought running through our heads if we were to find ourselves hurtling down a road on a longboard at the Grim Reaper-luring speed of 70mph.

However, for US daredevil Zak Maytum, captured in this incredible new video reaching that same speed down windy inclines of asphalt in Colorado, his thought process probably went something more like this: “When do I break the sound barrier?”

The footage is eerily reminiscent of Ben Stiller longboarding his way down a road in Iceland in the otherwise humdrum film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and though Maytum may have been wishing he had a stunt double of his own when slightly losing balance as a car passes 1.30 into the video, he’s clearly made of stern stuff.

That or he’s just a crazy person.

We hope he had good insurance.



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