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This homeless man found out he'd got a job and it absolutely made his day


In that tone your nan takes when she doesn’t get your melodrama, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Despite the world starting to feel like it’s turning backwards, there is still good in it. And Aaron James Doyle from West Bromwich is here to share it with you.

He took to Facebook to share a heartwarming story about the company he works for, Central RPL, offering a permanent job to a homeless guy:

“Got to share something with you all, this week we have had a new lad start at work been given a trial to see how he gets on and if he made a good impression would be given a permanent position.

“He is currently staying at a homeless shelter in Wolverhampton, has literally nothing and wants to get back on his feet etc. This isn’t the best part. He gets given food from the church everyday and brings it to work.

“Take into account he doesn't know where his next meal is coming and probably doesn't eat the best. Every single morning he offers me a chocolate bar or some of his coffee and milk. Might seem like nothing to most but this guy has really won me over.

“But the best part of the story today, he's been paid his first week’s wages and told he's got a permanent job. The reaction as he left was priceless.”

Aaron then shared footage from the CCTV cameras outside his office:

If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you were born cold. 

Almost two million people have watched the video and all of them (save for the obligatory troll) were touchingly reminded of happiness.

Danni Thomas said:

“This is absolutely amazing!! Bless him! I don't know him & am so so ridiculously happy for him. Had a tear in my eye reading that & watching the video.”

While Neil Atkins added:

“Hope this changes peoples perception of homeless people..they ain't all drugged up drunks wanting a handout.”



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