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The 'ghost' of a drowned girl has photobombed a family's cinema selfie

ghost 1.jpg

The search “hooded girl dies in Wirral cinema in mysterious circumstances” yields no results on Google, which is strange, because there definitely has been one. Look:


Yes, on the surface it does appear to be Emma Johnson, 35, with her young family at a screening of Finding Dory, but look closer...


There. That’s a ghost. “It could just be another cinema-goer who is extremely grey and feint!” you cry. But you’d be wrong. Speaking in interview Emma said:

“I wanted to take a selfie because it was the first time that Harper had been to the cinema but I was really self-conscious so I made sure that the cinema was empty. It was only when we got home and checked the photo that we saw the ghost and I could make out a little girl and a teddy next to her. I didn't even think that it was possible to have a teddy bear ghost.”

‘Oh, it’s definitely doctored,’ you protest. Guess again, bucko. Emma continues:

"As soon as I shared the picture, I got some people accusing me of using Photoshop or apps on my phone but I'm rubbish with technology so I wouldn't even know where to start.”


So who is the girl? And why has she chosen to spend eternity haunting provincial cinemas watching the latest blockbuster releases? And how did she pass into the netherworld? Emma has her own theories:

"Because the cinema is right near the sea, I don't know if it is of a little girl who drowned or something like that, but no one has mentioned any incidents like that just yet."

Finding Dory

Now, while it might seem unlikely (to you, at least) that a little dead ghost girl with the power to pass through walls and go anywhere else would instead return to this world in order to watch a cheery hour-and-a-half animated film set in the very sea in which she was drowned, especially one about being 'found' there, featuring characters that can happily survive underwater without dying, but you should also consider that Finding Dory has 94 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and perhaps she’s just a lover of good film.

Light Cinema has declined to comment, adding a layer of mystery to proceedings, but also possibly because they were peeved at this girl’s clear ticket dodging tactics and do not want to encourage other poltergeists from doing the same.



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