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Fantastic Bird's-Eye Back To The Future Posters


The adventures of Marty and Doc will never cease to be a source of inspiration for artists around the world - and some fantastic new creations have emerged courtesy of Andy Fairhurst.

He's created a trio of posters, named (of course) 88mph, which give a bird's-eye view of three instances of the famous DeLorean hitting its 'special' speed to travel between timezones.

They were available as a limited edition print from the Bottleneck Art Gallery, for $35 (£23) each - but have already sold out. Maybe you can use the DeLorean to go back a few hours and nab yourself one.

In the meantime, admire the images in all their splendour below and check out more of Andy's work here.


(Images: Andy Fairhurst)

Birds-eye Back to the Future
Birds-eye Back to the Future
Birds-eye Back to the Future



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