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Someone remixed a Donald Trump superfan to Eminem's 'Stan' and it's perfect


Donald Trump’s campaign rally (yep, he’s already campaigning for 2020)  in Florida this weekend was as ridiculous and Twitter rant-inducing as expected. 

The President took to the podium tieless and red-faced rather than his typical hue of orange and proceeded to yell his usual stuff about dishonest media, immigration and apparently a terrorist attack in Sweden the night before. Wait, what terrorist attack? Yeah, no one else had heard of it either (because it didn’t happen). 

Trump has since tried to explain he based his statement on a debunked FOX News story and he was referring to the rising crime in Sweden, whose former prime minister has pondered what the hell Trump has been smoking:

But the most unexpected character of the night was superfan car salesman Gene Huber, who Trump spotted in the crowd and recognised from a TV segment of his supporters and brought him up on stage. 

Trump said "I saw this guy on television. He said 'I love Trump'... that's my guy, right there." and as security started to swarm, he reassured them that:

"I'm only worried he's going to give me a kiss. I'm not worried about anything else."

Huber took the mic to say:

"Mr. President, thank you sir. We the people, our movement, is the reason why our President of the United States is standing here in front of us today. 

"When President Trump during the election promised all these things that he was going to do for us, I knew he was going to do this for us."

Following his moment in the spotlight, Huber was interviewed on CNN where he explained he salutes a cardboard cutout of the president every day and prays for his safety. 

It’s that scary type of devotion that fuels Trump’s delusion, but while everyone was LOLing at Huber online Twitter user Bearded Genius was working some absolute magic. Having noticed the similarities to Eminem’s 2000 hit with Dido, Stan, about a manic fan, he dropped this perfect remix titled Trump supporter feat. Stan:

And in case you thought Huber was joking: 



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