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Donald Trump’s fake dead cousin is trying to ruin his chances of being President


Despite labelling Mexicans as rapists, giving misogynistic statements to news anchors and making Bond villains look like pacifists, Donald Trump’s bid to become the next US President has - incredibly - not yet been hampered by his douchery.

However, that’s not to say the bewigged idiot is completely infallible from negative headlines. Even pretend ones, as comments made by a fake cousin in an equally fake obituary have been doing the rounds on the Internet.

‘Thomas P. Trump’, a brilliant chemist and philanthropist who apparently lived to the grand old age of 88, left a note in his obituary calling for voters not to "let that walking mucas bag become president". Spoken like a true Trump.


As well as throwing in his own F bomb ("I know he’d fuck up so badly"), Thomas even predicted a Holocaust-level atrocity for any future government that Donald presided over. And such is the snowball way of the internet, coverage of the obituary exploded.

First uploaded to Imgur and then shared as a news story by political Facebook groups, it was only officially revealed as a fake after it had grabbed initial headlines. There might even be people sharing it right now.

Looking on Obituary.com, users found no records of a man named Thomas P. Trump dying in January 2016, nor anyone with that name being even vaguely related to the political blowhard. 

Best of all, the man in the picture may not even be dead, after the image was actually revealed to be photo taken in Santa Barbara in 2006 and uploaded to Flickr before being cropped for the faux news piece.


Writing of the photo, Flickr user Torbakhopper said: "I met this man today at the base of a very long stairway. we exchange 'happy easter's'. when i came back from a thirty minute walk, he had managed to go up three of the seven flights of stairs. he seemed very happy to be alive. he was joyful and hard of hearing. he quite happily insisted that i take his photo :-)"

We just hope he’s not voting for Trump.



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