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US magazine nails 'lazy' Trump with this brilliant cover


Donald Trump was all in during the presidential campaign. He was desperate to win – by hook or by crook – and he worked hard to get himself into the White House. Now he’s in there, however? Different story.

He’s already famously been quoted as saying he thought being president “would be easier”, and seems to have spent as much time playing golf as he has actually doing his job.

He’s just phoning it in – he got himself the title of president to inflate his already bursting ego to breaking point, and that was enough for him. You feel like he ran for president just so that he could say he is the president.

Trump is about to head off on a 17-day long holiday, so this Newsweek magazine cover, labelling him ‘Lazy Boy’ comes at a pretty perfect moment.


Newsweek cover brands Trump 'Lazy Boy'

“Six months in office, 40 days at golf clubs, zero pieces of major legislation,” read the cover’s subheadings. “Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how he’d feel if he did any work.”

It’s a brutal but very fair attack on a president who promised a lot (almost all of it terrible, of course) and has so far delivered very little. The story inside doesn’t hold back either. Here’s an extract from it:

“During the campaign, Trump did work hard, because it was on his own behalf, the glory of rapturous crowds rebounding directly to him, not to some abstract institution of government.

“’He’s a terribly self-indulgent individual,’ says Robert Dallek, the noted presidential historian, who doesn’t think the weight of the presidency has ‘fully taken hold yet.’ It may never. In his firing of FBI Director James Comey, his humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his casual disregard of ethics rules, Trump has made it clear that he sees the White House as little more than a branch office of his marketing business, the Trump Organization.”

Enjoy your holiday, Donny. The golf course will be there and waiting when you get back.

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