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Buying alcohol at airports could be banned


First Brexit, now this. It's like they're trying to stop us ever leaving the country again.

The sale of alcohol in airports is going to be examined following a spate of recent incidents relating to drunk passengers.

442 people have been held on suspicion of being drunk at an airport or on a plane in the last two years, leading new aviation minister Lord Ahmad to comment,  "If you're a young family travelling on a plane you want to go from point A to B, you don't want to be disrupted. I don't think we want to kill merriment altogether, but I think it's important that passengers who board planes are also responsible and have a responsibility to other passengers, and that certainly should be the factor which we bear in mind.

He added, "In terms of specific regulations of timings of outlets [which sell alcohol] and how they operate, clearly I want to have a look at that."

We know what this means. This means the end of the staple of that bastion of Britishness: the 5:30am Stella - an essential part of any holiday, stag do, or general trip. Yes, of course it's ridiculous, and of course drunk people are a thorough nuisance to everyone and should be stopped, but please Lord Ahmad, don't take our ridiculous morning boozing away from us.

Given that, once we leave the EU, we're all soon going to be standing in passport queues for several hours, a few drinks might be the only way to get through it. And look at Boris (above), he's the foreign minister and he loves a pint - can't he step in and sort this out?

Lad's holidays will never be the same again...




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