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Boris Johnson pronouncing 'Glastonbury' is the poshest thing you've ever heard


The way you pronounce certain words can give away quite a bit about you.

Do you pronounce scone with a long or short O, for example? How about garage? Does it rhyme with porridge or mirage?


Boris Johnson makes no apologies for his pronunciation, or indeed for calling things by the wrong name.

His 2012 suggestion that ping pong was originally called wiff-waff was inaccurate, and the same goes for his references to ‘Glahstonbury’ when discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at the festival last weekend.

Corbyn appeared on the Pyramid Stage, giving a short speech to what is thought to have been the largest crowd at the weekend, before introducing American act Run the Jewels.

Tens of thousands gathered to watch the leader of the opposition - the largest audience since the Rolling Stones played at Glastonbury in 2013, according to many who saw both performances.

Perhaps Johnson’s affected pronunciation was a deliberate ploy from the former London Mayor, playing up his image as a lovable buffoon in order to sneak in other unfounded allegations while everyone else was busy laughing at his voice.

If so, he would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids the national broadcaster.

The BBC have been keen to point out that Corbyn did not mention Trident, as hinted at by Johnson repeatedly during his speech.

Better luck next time, Boris.

(Images: Rex Features/Frinkiac)



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