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A totally unexpected Brit star may have just filmed a Star Wars cameo


First there was James Bond’s butt-kicking Daniel Craig. Then there were rumours that Legend’s face-smashing Tom Hardy, and future King of England, Prince William, had got involved. Now there’s a new name in the who-has-got-a-cameo-in-the-next-Star-Wars-film story, and it’s all kinds of, er, unexpected.

Drum roll please.

The next celeb to (possibly) strap on the stormtrooper helmet is none other than… Gary Barlow.

Yes, that’s the It Only Takes A Minute singer Gary Barlow. The former X Factor judge Gary Barlow. The veeery slooow taaalking Gary Barlow. Wow.

It may sound bizarre from an outsider’s perspective, but a source has already revealed to The Sun newspaper that Gary is, in fact, a big fan of the galaxy far, far away. “But Gary, how deep is your love, really?” we hear you ask. Well, British TV fans with exceptional memories may remember seeing an access-all-areas telly show in which Barlow revealed he had his very own full-sized stormtrooper outfit at home. He’s a fanboy indeed.

The same source went on to spill that Gary had pulled a few strings with his film contacts to make the role of a lifetime a reality. Reports claim he was spotted leaving Pinewood Studios just last week.

Could It Be Magic? Maybe, but one thing’s for sure: Gary’s Greatest Day will be one he’ll Never Forget. But remember: it’s a while away yet, so please, have a bit of Patience. 



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