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How to get a free Starbucks every day


Ever wondered what it would be like to get a warm cup for the good stuff from Starbucks every single day? Without working there? Well it appears this epic win is not as out quite as out-of-the-realms as you’d think.

One employee named Brad (classic Starbucks server name) was recently posting on a site for fast food service exposes, Behind Closed Ovens, when he revealed how one shrewd customer had been taking advantage of the system to bag a free coffee every day of the year.

The customer would buy 365 Starbucks cards, register each for a different date of birth, and then use the specified card to get his free birthday drink. Pretty genius, you have to admit.

"Even though I know exactly how he beat the system there, he pretends that his app is just malfunctioning and it magically gives him the same free birthday drink every day,” said Brad of the cheeky scam.

Though what’s perhaps most puzzling about this caffeine con artist is that he apparently returned to the same Starbucks branch every single day, ordering  "the most horrible drink in an infuriating way," even insisting he marked his own cup and not even having the common decency to wear a disguise while doing it. 

Regardless, it obviously worked. And now we all know that free Starbucks every day of the year is indeed possible. What you do with that information is up to you.

Oh, and Happy Birthday.



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