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Delicious Bacon Mustard


Bacon. The universal meal improver. The breaker of vegetarians. The sacred fruit of the sus domesticus. After centuries trapped in stripped, crispy portions, this most glorious of foodstuffs has found a new life in a mouth-watering condiment: Bacon Mustard.

The creation of Brown Dog Mustard Co, Bacon Mustard is a yellow mustard at heart, with added ground brown mustard seeds, bacon flavoured syrup and a bacon concentrate. And as no real bacon is added to it, it makes it suitable for vegetarians. You lucky things.

We're salivating at the thought of the various flavour combinations that Bacon Mustard could produce: bacon on beef. Bacon on toast. Pizza dipped in bacon. Bacon on bacon. We could go on (we couldn't).

As a small operation, Brown Dog Mustard Co currently don't ship to the UK, so you'll have to send a grovelling message to them to get yourself a pot. Visit their Etsy store to find out more.



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