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John Oliver just summed up Brexit brilliantly


Despite sounding like a Travelodge marketing campaign aimed at business travellers wanting a swift breakfast in the morning, this phrase continues to stir fierce debate among voters around Britain’s future, or lack of, in Europe.

If you’re wondering where Brit John Oliver stands on the matter, see this wonderful video from his HBO show which aired in the States last night, compiling all the reasons he feels his homeland would be “batshit crazy” to leave the EU. Whichever side you're leaning towards it's an interesting watch.

As well as detailing some of the scaremongering that has gone on in the sourly fought battle between the Remain and Leave parties, Oliver also delves into the vague facts and figures that have left voters scratching their heads for what feels like an eternity, and even attempts to explain UKIP to his New York audience.

To be fair, we're not quite sure what UKIP is either.



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