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You can run out and buy a super-sized Kinder Egg right now

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We won’t lie to you, ShortList.com reader, it’s been a fucking turbulent year or so for people who enjoy eating chocolate.

In case you hadn’t noticed (in which case, open your eyes, man), as a consequence of Brexit, brands have reportedly been quietly shrinking their bar sizes without reducing the price accordingly. Essentially, we’re paying the same for less. 

At the back end of last year – the worst year – we saw the mighty Toblerone being turned into a bike rack, there’s an actual Facebook group dedicated to fighting back against the dwindling size of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, and we’re absolutely adamant that Maltesers are getting smaller by the day.

There’s nothing any of us can do about this. It’s happening. Before we know it the miniature Twix you get in a box of Celebrations will be the Twix that lines the shelves in the petrol station. Freddo will become a skinny tadpole. And as for the KitKat Chunky? Start stocking up now. 

But at least in the meantime we can all enjoy these enormous Kinder eggs.

Arriving just in time for Easter, they’re made of the same creamy chocolate that has enticed you since you were a back-chatting nine-year-old with a Blastoise lunchbox, but the 100g eggs are a whopping five times bigger that standard.

They’re not cheap; Tesco and Asda are charging £5. Some retailers have gone higher. 

And when you’ve come to terms with the premium price-point, there’s a much bigger dilemma to confront. The massive eggs come in two varieties: My Little Pony and Transformers: Robots in Disguise, with a different toy for each. We don’t envy anyone having to make that kind of decision. 

[Main image: Tesco]



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