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One of the biggest Star Wars debates ever has just been settled by... erm, Ariana Grande

Pop star and notorious doughnut licker Ariana Grande is back with a quick video putting an end to one of Star Wars' most annoying debates.

"Han didn't shoot first because Greedo never fired a shot in the first place," Grande explains to some alien companions in an off-world bar. The argument stems from a scene in A New Hope where Greedo, an alien bounty hunter working for Jabba The Hunt, confronts Han Solo. Whereas in the original 1977 release of the film saw Solo shoot Greedo first, in the 1997 “Special Edition” re-release of the film, George Lucas had Greedo shoot first (missing terribly fyi).

Lucas said he made the to change to make Han look like less of a “cold-blooded killer”. Hardcore fans saw have long since believe his tinkering changes the film and perception of the character for the worse. 

Only Ariana Grande has put the debate to bed in 34 seconds. Now we can all be pals again ahead of The Force Awakens release tonight.

Right guys?




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