13 pictures that will take you back to the warm embrace of Windows 95

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Amelia Tait
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It's safe to say that not many people are enjoying 2016. From global disarray to the death of every beloved celebrity, we might as well record the past seven months as a big fat "Nah, mate" in the history books. 

So why not go back in time to 1995? We can't do that literally, of course, but we can give you 13 pictures to look at. And if you stare at them long enough (we recommend 21+ hours) there's a chance, just a chance, you can get trapped in the sweet memories forever. 

This incredibly flash screensaver


And this one

This one of many traumatising attempts to keep the Accessories menu open

The original Blue Screen of Death

This absolutely adorable little bastard


The cheeky bit of solitaire you played

This height in cool technology

This beautiful pattern you made whenever any error message popped up

This original tool of 90s artists


This (and the 12 others that came with it)

The incredibly important 'Joystick' section of your control panel

This difficult and dangerous decision

And this second, equally tricky, choice