New iPhone leak hints we'll be getting three new models in 2018 - here's everything we know

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iPhone Leak: There will be three new iPhones in 2018 – everything we know

The latest leak about Apple’s new iPhone hints that we’ll be getting a budget iPhone X, an iPhone X second generation and an iPhone X Plus

It’s firmly established as the big dog on the smartphone market, and has been for some time, but we’re still as hungry as ever for any titbits on Apple’s new iPhones.

And according to the website 9to5Mac, which has a history of correctly reporting on future Apple models, 2018 will see not one new iPhone… but three!

The models are rumoured to include a budget iPhone X, an iPhone X second generation and an iPhone X Plus.

The website got their hands on the dummy smartphones, including an all-new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and 6.1-inch ‘budget’ iPhone X, and these can be seen in the clip below.

The budget model is expected to come with a notable price drop to around $700 to cater to the slightly lower end of the market.

It’s also rumoured that the budget offering will feature an edge-to-edge iPhone X-like display and a single rear camera (compared to the higher-end models with dual cameras).

And in other exciting Apple news, photos have been leaked which apparently show a prototype for a new iPhone charger that could have super-fast charging.

According to 9to5Mac, the charger is an 18W USB-C charger, which will allow users to quickly charge their phones from 0% to 50% in under half an hour.

As with all these things, it’s worth bearing in mind that nothing’s been confirmed. So take it all with a little pinch of salt and prepare to hand over another bucket-load of cash to get your hands on the latest Apple goodies. 

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