Here's how to use all the brilliant Olympics Twitter emoji

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David Cornish

Faster. Stronger. Higher. Emojier.

With the Rio Olympic Games starting up Friday 5 August, Twitter - the relentless live-blogging media system that we're not sure we need, but couldn't do without - has shown off all the special emoji features it will be employing to help you win gold with your nonsensical 140 character observations.

Here's how to Tweet like an Olympian.

Hashtagging flags

Want to fly the flag of a particular nation? 

Just stick their three-letter code on a hashtag and Twitter will drag in the appropriate national colours. 

All the Olympics words

Want to stick a lovely gold medal on your Tweet? #Gold. 

If it's term related to the Olympics, it's probably got a special emoji. Just put in a hashtag, try out the word and Twitter will bring in the related image.

All the games

Did Tom Daley just nail a 110.3? Then you'll be able to shower him in glory with a #diving Tweet. 

Again, just add a hashtag to the event you want to talk about, and Twitter will do the rest. Simple.