How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4

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How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4

There are over 20 suits available in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, including the Stark Suit as worn in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Have you played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4? It’s amazing: you swing and swing (and swang) and fight and shoot webs and swing some more, and you can entirely ignore the missions and just swing and swing and swing, and it’s glorious.

You can also really go nuts on the costume front, with over 20 different outfits available for ol’ webhead. The main one the game offers you is this one, the Advanced Suit, designed for the game by developers Insomniac and pretty sweet.

How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4 1

It’s a good suit, but the white spider can look a bit, er, Union Jack-y, and while it’s a fine-looking flag, this is a game about being Spider-Man, not one of those dudes in Union Jack suits that queue for days to catch a glimpse of the Queen or go on racist drunken rants at EDL rallies. Plus, you know, films are better than things that aren’t films, so if you’ve got the opportunity to dress your onscreen Spidey as the movie version, why would you not?

Additionally, the suit comes with its own power (as, to be fair, most of them do, but some are better than others): the Spider-Bro. The Spider-Bro is a small drone that temporarily paralyses enemies, allowing you to Spider-kick them in the Spider-arse.

How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4 2

Unlocking it is fairly straightforward compared to some of them: you just need to reach level 10 in the game, and collect one base token, one research token and three crime tokens. Then, hey bingo, in the suits menu it should be there in slot eight.

If your love of silver screen suitage is not yet sated, there’s also another outfit from Homecoming available: the homemade tracksuit combo. This comes with the power of, er, nuffink. No power at all, unless “being ready for a game of squash” is a power. You can assign the power associated with one of your other suits to it though, which is nice.

How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4 3

This one’s a bit of a mission to get hold of, as it involves finding every backpack in the game. There are 55 of them, and they all have fun stuff in, so it’s fairly doable if you’re patient. There’s a handy guide over on Polygon

The best outfit, though, clearly, is Spider-Punk.

How to unlock Spider-Man's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' suit on PS4 4

Blast enemies with the power of righteous sound, and if you break a string, good news, you’re Spider-Man, you can make another one.Out of un-playable sticky web substance.

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