The Xbox One S will arrive on 2 August

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David Cornish

What's 40 per cent smaller than an Xbox One, has ultra HD 4K graphics and is arriving on 2 August? 

You guessed it: Microsoft has announced that it's small, sleek Xbox One S console will arrive on 2 August, with the 2TB launch edition costing £349.99.

What does the Xbox One S offer?

What does the Xbox One S offer?

In addition to better graphics, the One S manages a shrink its bulk while also sticking the power transformer brick inside the smaller case (trick the PlayStation 4 already nailed).

The console also comes with a new textured grip controller - which you can design yourself at the Xbox design lab, coming to the UK in 2017 - and it’s available in white! Which probably means they'll re-release it in special edition black in a year.

What if you don't want a 2TB hard drive?

The Xbox One S will also be available with a smaller 1TB hard drive, for £299, or 500GB hard drive, for £249.

There's no word on when these will launch, so you'll have to splash out on heaps of storage if you're desperate to get 4K gaming on your TV asap. 


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