Someone just set an ‘unbeatable’ top score on Donkey Kong

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David Cornish

You can stop monkeying about on Donkey Kong - there's no point any more.

At least, not if you're only playing it to try and set a record high score. 

Wes Copeland, the Donkey King of Nintendo's classic 1981 arcade game - that first introduced players to the enraged gorilla and early iterations of Mario (then Jumpman) and Princess Peach (Pauline) - has beaten his own previous high score record with an apparently 'unbreakable' maximum score of 1,218,000 - a score so huge it doesn't fit on the high score table.

The marathon feat took three hours and 17 minutes, which saw Copeland prevent his Jumpman dying until the final 22nd level - a near-perfect run that allowed him to cash in a huge 'death' bonus and rank up the improbable score.

"This will be my last record score...", Copeland stated on his Facebook page. "I don't believe I can put up a game any higher than this."

Good for you Copeland. Time for a new hobby?


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