You can now get WhatsApp on your computer

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David Cornish

'Productivity' just sent you a message. Best ignore it.

Not content with taking over your smartphone, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has announced a new desktop app so that you can never escape from the free messaging service.

Available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+, the new app requires you to sync with your existing account on your phone. Once you've installed the program, you scan a QR code with your phone and - through some fancy tech magic we don't want to bore you with - it will mirror all your existing WhatsApp conversations on your PC/Mac.

You'll then be able to monitor your messages via your computer, opening up a world of office distractions should you not be allowed to use your mobile at your desk. 

A similar system is already available in WhatsApp's web browser, but if your network happens to block this service for whatever reason, this new program might offer you a new avenue of procrastination. 

Get those emoji at the ready.


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