The world's first micro coffee roaster is the ultimate caffeine gadget


Scolded milk. Rotten Arabicas. Queues of sugar junkies waiting for their caramel frappuccinos, blocking you from your caffeine fix. If these are amongst your daily coffee quibbles, you'd best prepare your "Favourite" button for a right good clicking.

Aimed squarely at coffee addicts and caffeine junkies, the IKAWA Home Roaster is the world's first digital micro roaster - a kitchen-friendly gadget for roasting unspoilt coffee beans.

Rather than leaving you to play "hunt the bean" through supermarkets and internet purveyors, IKAWA offers a range of untouched green coffee beans from a variety of international locations for its roaster, allowing you to get insanely specific about the flavour of your brew.

Users simply pour the beans into the top of the roaster before selecting the preferred roast from the accompanying smartphone app - with options for Cafetière, Pour-over, Espresso, AeroPress, Moka pot or Filter. Roasts take between three and ten minutes, with the IKAWA removing the chaff from each load and delivering a jar's worth of freshly roasted coffee. Even *insert high street coffee chain here* doesn't offer roasts that fresh.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even concoct your own roast, adjusting temperature, roast time and air flow. Users will then be able to share and download roasting recipes via the IKAWA app. 

Set to retail at £750, this is one gadget that's only going to appeal to the coffee elite. You can still pick up an early bird price over on Kickstarter

Happy brewing.


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