This gadget is about to take your ‘Netflix and pizza in bed’ sessions to the next level

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David Cornish

None of the following story has been made up in an effort to parody modern society's obsession with technology.

The SOSPENDO does that all by itself. By accident. 

The creation of 'Imagination Farm USA', the SOSPENDO heralds itself as 'The BEST Wearable Support for all Mobile Devices!'. It's the solution to the age-old (well, circa 2014) problem of trying to watch Netflix while eating any form of greasy Italian food simultaneously. Don't pretend that's an issue that hasn't driven you to the point of murder in the past, right?

It's essentially a length of malleable aluminium pipe (the 'Rig') that you can snake around your body, allowing you to 'hold' your smartphone or tablet while keeping your hands free. This is how the Imagination Farm envisions you using it...

The strangest aspect of the SOSPENDO? That it apparently appeals to enough people that they've given the project $41,083 over on Kickstarter, where you can currently request one for $25 (£18). 

Now, the SOSPENDO does have amazing applications for those with mobility issues - but that's not how it's being sold. This is "a NEW MULTI-TASKING device". For use with "sports" or "e-learning". Or even "Mums with strollers". 

We don't understand the world any more.


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