Jimmy Kimmel convinces people the iPhone 5S is the new iPhone SE

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David Cornish

Oh Jimmy, you big meany. 

Eyebrows were raised when Apple revealed their new (old) iPhone SE handset - a revamped iPhone 5S with the brains of an iPhone 6S. No bold new curves or market-changing features, just the same old 4-inch screen with some subtle bells and small whistles. 

So similar is the iPhone SE to the iPhone 5S that Jimmy Kimmel sent a TV crew onto the streets of Hollywood to ask average Americans to compare the two handsets. Just one thing: they gave them two identical iPhone 5S phones.

Sure, it's easy to laugh at their foolish attempts to compare two identical handsets, but faced with a TV camera and an earnest man telling you they're two different phones, we're sure we'd probably take their word for it too, right?

Wait - you mean it says 5S on the back of both phones? Ah. Yeah, they're total idiots. 


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