HTC mocks Apple with new copycat ad

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David Cornish

HTC is playing dirty.

Sure, their HTC One of 2013 was the first to use a 'unibody' metal design - a build that many phone companies (including Apple) apparently imitated.

But rather than taking one on the chin and recognising they'd created something worth copying, they're looking for blood.

The new HTC One A9 is a great phone, and looks strikingly similar to iPhone 6 - a fact their new ad plays as an advantage, heralding that phone users can now "Be free"...

It's an unsubtle, hammy attack on the Apple crowd - but its real significance will be lost on anyone who hasn't seen the follow: an Apple Macintosh advert from 1984, directed by Ridley Scott.

Can't everyone just get along? 


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