Delete this app to majorly boost your Android phone's battery life


Battery life on a par with the average mayfly? Apps struggling to tick over?

An unorthodox fix has emerged from the experiences of Android users around the globe: try deleting the Facebook app.

Android Central writer Russell Holly recently noticed a number of performance issues from Android handsets surrounding Facebook's much-maligned mobile offering. He decided to see how his Android handset would perform without the main app installed on his phone - and was delighted to find that his battery life took a major boost.

Holly wasn't alone: in addition to the many Android users who commented on Holly's original piece, Reddit users begin dropping the Facebook app and noticed similar performance boosts. The Guardian's Samuel Gibbs corroborated the online mumblings further, finding the battery life of his device lasted around 20 per cent longer once the Facebook app was booted.

But how will I cope without Facebook updates on my phone?!

Very well, actually.

All the testers kept the separate Facebook Messenger app intact, maintaining access to messages that might be of some importance. As for accessing their Facebook page, they either turned to "web rapper" apps such as Metal - which skims off the bulk of Facebook's operations to just supply notifications - or simply signing in to their page via Google Chrome.

Both these alternatives to the full Facebook app allow you to see and respond to notifications, but free up your battery life substantially.

So, now you'll have more juice for reading all those status updates you actually love to hate.

[Via: The Guardian]


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