New Balance's "Forest" High Top


Style and function rarely sit well together. No one takes their Range Rover Sport off road, for fear of chipping the alloys, while the majority of Louis Vuitton luggage will never find itself in an airport. In a similar vein, you'd be absolutely barmy taking New Balance's new MH998XGO 'Forest' high tops anywhere near a wood. 

Designed in the group's Tokyo-based design studio, these immaculate trainers are decked out in a feast of premium materials. Green and brown mud-hating suedes form the bulk of the upper, broken up by streaks of purple and pink leather along the heel line. 

A mountainous 'Fresh Foam' speckled midsole offers your feet ample protection from the harsh, uneven surfaces of the wilderness you won't be exploring - but leaves you safe in the knowledge you could hike up a hill if the mood took you. 

Available in limited supply, this green beauty won't be available online, so you'll have to track down a pair using New Balance's website

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