This is the answer to living a dandruff-free life


What’s the key to impressing a date? Good chat, a winning smile and good hair is key – but then often there’s the romance-killing dandruff that can hamper things. Reckon you know the UK’s number one shampoo brand that can deliver a brilliant barnet in one bottle?

Well, it’s Head & Shoulders and based on its flake-free users, it’s easy to see why it’s garnered such a strong following. And it’s not just these dedicated followers that truly believe in the wonders of this cult shampoo – British Skin Foundation research confirms that Head & Shoulders starts to work on dandruff after just one wash.

Packed with the covetable ingredients that leave you with great hair every day, there’s no other shampoo out that that’ll leave you 100% flake free.

No surprise, then that it’s the UK’s number one shampoo – it’s head and shoulders above everything else.

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