G-Star RAW launches a tailored denim service


Think about the amount of hours you spend wearing your favourite pair of jeans. If you're anything like us then you'll probably be looking at an astonishingly high figure.

Yet unlike, say, a tuxedo, which we might wear two or three times a year, we don't usually see a tailored pair of jeans as particular necessary.

This is about to change, thanks to G-Star RAW who are launching a unique Atelier service revolving around denim. You'll be able to have a pair of G-Star 3301 Red Listing jeans customised just for you. There'll even be a personalised label on the inside and everything.

The jeans are crafted from raw denim which transforms and ages accordingly to how you wear it and they'll be woven on vintage shuttle looms which create unique irregularities in your pair.

The service will be at Selfridges from July 12th-15th. The retail price of a pair of RAW Tailored Atelier customised denim is £185.


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