The Round Face Smartwatch


We knew they'd get a-round to it eventually.

Where all the smartwatches that we've seen so far - including the much-vaunted Apple Watch - have stuck rigidly to a square face, this new model from GEAK is equipped with a more aesthetically-pleasing, classic round shape.

It's not something that you immediately think of, but with smartwatches being developed primarily from a tech perspective, it seems that their love of square components and straight edges have dominated thus far, but GEAK seeks to change that, this this gorgeous timepiece.

The GEAK Watch II Pro comes equipped with Android 4.3 OS and is the most powerful smartwatch on the market. It switches between a 1.36" HD LCD screen in low light, to a power-saving E-ink display when brighter and its battery can handle four days of heavy use. It boasts its own app store and a range of customisable faces and straps.

Visit the watch's Pozible page for more information - and you can avoid being a square by ordering yours for $360 (£227).

(Images: GEAK)


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