Light-Up Arcade Belt Buckle


One thing that will never stop being cool is an arcade machine. Your Playstation 3s are all well and good, but there's nothing to beat the real thing: the thrill of getting on the leaderboard, and that urge to put in one more quarter to play just one more time.

And now you can take a piece of that style and keep it with you all day long, by investing in one of these brilliant coin-drop belt buckles, featuring genuine recycled arcade parts that, according to their makers If Industries, 'died in the line of duty and have been preserved as a wearable homage to their place in Silicon Heaven'.

And it even lights up. Incredible.

The buckles are made to order as parts become available, so you may have to be patient, but head over to their website and get yourself a wearable piece of amazing: it's game over for all other belt buckles from here on in.

Image: If Industries


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