The Ultimate Gangs Of New York Quiz


Prepare to feel ancient. Gangs Of New York is over a decade old. Yes, we know. It really does feel like last week that Scorsese's historical crime drama was in cinemas, though back then you could get two tickets, some fizzy pop and a bag of pick 'n' mix the size of your head and still get change from a fiver, right? Actually, no, it was the noughties not the '40s, but that's by the by - as the movie's being adapted into a TV series by Miramax.

Presumably in the light of his other TV period drama's success (Boardwalk Empire, in case you're asking), Martin Scorsese is returning to the director's chair and the series will chronicle the real-life organised crime rings of not just New York, but also the likes of Chicago and New Orleans.

So before the gritty New York underworld is resurrected on our telly screens, why not test just how much you remember of the halcyon days of 2002. And, more specifically, the Oscar nominated, DiCaprio and Day-Lewis starring film. Well, if you click that there button, you can stop wondering and find out...


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