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YouGov poll shows Brexiters want the death penalty and a bunch of other terrifying stuff back

Pounds & ounces and corporal punishment also very popular

YouGov poll shows Brexiters want the death penalty and a bunch of other terrifying stuff back
29 March 2017

We do not judge here on This is a wide church. Come one, come all and let us join together in harmony. Leave? Remain? Both fine with us as long as you’re a good egg.

But come on guys, just look at the state of this.

We’re not gonna beat around the bush. This is absolutely ridiculous.

A majority of people who voted Leave want the return of the blue passport and the death penalty, while a healthy 48% think ‘selling goods in pounds and ounces’ should be brought back and a whopping 42% want the return of corporal punishment in schools. Even 30% of Brexiters think traditional light bulbs should be brought back.

In order:

Blue passports: this makes sense – but only if the direction of thought is correct. If you want the return of blue passports because that would be a signifier that Brexit has happened, which is what you want, then fine. If you want Brexit in order to get a blue passport then you are an idiot. Just colour your existing one in with felt tip pens, job done – honestly, it’ll be much cheaper in the long run.

Death penalty: Really? Really? Has it not been established a long, long time ago that the death penalty is rather a bad idea when the distinct possibility for miscarriages of justice exists. Good grief even America has seen a steady decline of people receiving the death penalty over the past two decades and just think how crazy they all are.

Pounds and ounces: Yes, let’s get used to dividing everything by 14 again, that makes complete sense.

Corporal punishment in schools: You literally want people to assault your children.

Lightbulbs: Yes, because we haven’t been able to see anything at night since the energy-saving (and money-saving) ones were brought in.

Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliffe hit the nail on the head of what this poll really shows:

While Gareth McNabb pointed out the fatal flaw in the questionnaire:


[Image: iStock/Wikicommons]