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Little brother thinks sister's wrestling match is real fight, runs in to save her

What a little hero

Little brother thinks sister's wrestling match is real fight, runs in to save her

Anyone with siblings will know that most tend to enjoy a fairly complicated relationship - especially when you’re young.

Half the time you’re best friends, and the other half you literally want to murder them. Hopefully by the time you’re both adults you can move on to a far more stable type of relationship, but until then, yeah, it’s chaos.

However, while you may scratch and kick at each other on the regular back at home, if an outsider even tries to lay a finger on your sibling you become fiercely protective. He’s mine to beat up, not yours, OK?

This was proved during this wrestling match between two young children at an elementary school in the US. A five-year-old boy named Ryan Prendergast and a girl are facing off (why are five-year-olds being made to wrestle?), when the girl’s tiny little brother suddenly rushes in from the crowd to try and help his big sister.

The footage was taken by Ryan’s mum Tori, and the ref and crowd all see the funny side of what’s gone down.

The ref, chuckling, separates the little boy - who has jumped on top of Ryan - from the actual contestants, before his dad sheepishly runs in to carry his son back to the bleachers. 

The whole thing is extremely adorable. This little boy clearly has a lot of love for his sister, given he’s willing to take on a child twice his size to help her out.

That’s your wholesome news for the day. In these times, stories like this are always very welcome.

(Image: Tori Prendergast)