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World's Worst Tweet Discovered

Cut back on the hashtags

World's Worst Tweet Discovered

Now, we’re fairly sure this applies to none of you – our coterie of dear erudite, informative and positively witty readers - but just in case, we have some expert advice on bad tweeting.

A new study, Who Gives A Tweet: Evaluating Microblog Content Value, has discovered that what people want from Twitter is not inane chat, out-of-date news or platitudes, but something of value, something enlightening, and, hopefully, something funny.

Indeed, Mergan Garber, a media technology journalist who has done lots of research and read the entire report (rather her than us to be honest) reckons she’s hit upon the worst tweet you could send.

"BREAKING: Last week I had a #sandwich that was SO HORRIBLE, it made me want to #scream. Seriously, why can't they make better #sandwiches?"

Apparently, this has too many hashtags, it’s too long, too personal and whiny. Gerber describes it as ‘aggressively mundane’.

So, no more tweets about what you had for lunch, eh?

(Image: Rex Features)

[via The Atlantic]