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World's politest armed robbery

"Could you empty the till please? I'm robbing you sir."

World's politest armed robbery
09 February 2011

You know what there isn't enough of in this godforsaken world? Manners, that's what.

Hats well and truly off then (unless they're covering your face, for CCTV reasons) to this American armed thief who held up a petrol ststaion with admirable levels of politeness.

Okay, sure, he's still guilty of armed robbery, but hasn't his mum done a wonderful job?

The elderly man walked into a Shell garage in Seattle and held the store up for $300, promising to return it when he was back on his feet and insisting he had a family to feed and simply had no choice.

Worth remembering he is still holding a pistol, though. Polite, but potentitally a killer.

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