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Woman's life saved by bread

Brave loaf wedges itself between driver and roof

Woman's life saved by bread
28 November 2011

As foodstuffs go bread is fairly heroic. It is, lest we forget, the giver of the sandwich, the burger and the hot dog.

If that wasn't enough, the blooming stuff is now saving lives. A UK driver cheated death in a crash when her head was cushioned by a loaf.

Liz Douglas, 51, lost control on a bend in a storm and her car flipped over. But she was saved by a white sliced Hovis loaf which was catapulted out of her shopping bag on the back seat — and got sandwiched between her head and the roof.

It was still wedged there as firefighters cut Liz from the wreckage of her Nissan.

Liz, who in no way had journalists words put into her mouth, said: "I reckon I'd have been brown bread if it wasn't for that loaf. It landed in time to cushion my head. For some reason the airbags didn't inflate so the loaf was the only cushion I had."

"I still have the loaf, with the impression of my head in it. It would have been nice to toast my escape by eating it, but it has glass in it."

A Hovis spokeswoman said: "We're pleased our Soft White loaf helped Liz escape unharmed."