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Woman passes driving test while in labour

Breaks waters, not speed limit

Woman passes driving test while in labour

From what we've heard, giving labour is no walk in the park. Another person is literally coming out of you and you're going to need a stress-free environment to get through it.

From what we can remember, a driving test is not a fun way to spend a morning. It's nerve-racking and demands total concentration.

Yes, you can probably see where we're going with this one...

Scottish warehouse worker Emma French woke up one morning to find that her waters had broken BUT she had a driving test in a few hours. Despite her understandably panicked partner urging her to call it off, she insisted that she'd still go.

She knew that if she missed it then she'd have to wait for ages for another test. So while her baby was literally on the way out, she went through with a driving test. She had four contractions during the exam but managed to pass with flying colours.

After it was over, she drove herself the the hospital and gave birth.

Moral of the story: unless you're giving birth to twins, there is no acceptable reason to fail your driving test.

(Image: Rex Features)


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