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Will Your Favourite Character Die?

Will Your Favourite Character Die?

Will Your Favourite Character Die?

There you are, popcorn in hand, watching the first great film you've seen in months. The action is racing along, with various bit-part-players meeting unfortunate ends along the way - but your favourite guy is still going. As the story enters the final act, you edge further forward in your seat. Nothing could possibly derail your enjoyment of this film - nothing except... did they just shoot the best character?

It's a sickening feeling familiar to us all (see Serenity/Saving Private Ryan/Atonement for further details) - often because we were too naive to see a character's death coming. Had we taken a step back, considered where the story was going, we might have prevented ourselves from storming out of the cinema in a popcorn-spilling rage.

What we really needed was some kind of acid test - a formula for determining whether our favourite characters is likely to face the chop to prepare us for their inevitable demise. Something like this flowchart from Dorkly.

More a wry-joke than a fool-proof tool, this flow chart will give you a pretty good idea if your favourite character is going to make it to the credits. Best take some tissues just in case?

(Images: Dorkly; Shutterstock)

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